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But First, A Word From Our Clients

Pathfinder consistently, creatively beats the market with price and coverage. Their impeccable customer service, the immediate responsiveness of the team and the quality of critical analysis brought to each challenge whether it is an underwriting consideration, acquisition or a claim- are what stand out to me.

It is and has been, bar none, my most favorable vendor/client experience of my 30-year career in multifamily. That is not an easy thing to earn as any vendor/client, but I would say extremely unusual to say about an insurance vendor.

LAURA KLEIN, The Wolff Company

Principal, Jason Hall is very knowledgeable and personable. Jason is always available 24/7 and working with him is great. Pathfinder has been our choice for 4 years now.

JODY MARQUEZ, Implicity Management

We were launching a U.S. Multifamily platform and needed the very best in insurance and risk management. Pathfinder’s availability, thorough knowledge of the industry and ability to predict and counsel on trends has been invaluable to our firm.

Insurance was and will undoubtedly continue to be a large and increasing property operating expense and so, by hiring Pathfinder you’re giving your firm the very best chance of success with casualty insurance and risk management.

PHILIPPE LAPOINTE, Lantower Residential

Jason Hall handles all of the insurance needs on my 2,000 unit apartment portfolio.

Over the course of the past two years, there have been numerous times I have relied on Jason to negotiate insurance requirements with lenders and claim proceeds with insurers. He shows a genuine interest in saving me money.

This past week I was trying to close a loan and the lender provided their requested coverage changes the afternoon of the business day prior to when we needed to close. Jason was able to reduce the umbrella policy requirements by $5M and to obtain the required coverage by 11am the following business day. On another property the lender gave me 30 days to obtain increased flood insurance coverage. Jason provided me all of the federal guidelines and backup to the new guidelines, which helped me to fight the lender’s demands, which saved me $30k that year.

Jason seems to invest into the client relationship, as opposed to other brokers who have a more transactional approach. Furthermore, he has his pulse on the Texas market and has provided me the lowest rates. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for commercial insurance coverage, especially real estate.

ARIEL NESSEL, Nessel Development

Jason is a good guy as a person and as a professional. Jason has done an outstanding job of building Pathfinder Insurance Group, and is personally an expert in multi-family insurance.

SCOTT MCMURRIAN, Bottom Line Realty Advisors, LLC
Specialized Multifamily Insurance


You can’t be everything to everyone. We specialize in multifamily.

Our team focuses on multifamily projects, commercial real estate, and nothing else.

This means we spend all of our time maintaining and expanding our expertise in your industry- preparing and refining solutions for firms just like yours.

We turn the market better than anyone out there-

which is why we consistently average more than 75 transactions per year.


Our insurance philosophies have seen battle.

We leverage our unparalleled multifamily expertise to meet the unique needs of each client.

You won’t end up buying more insurance than you need, and you don’t have to worry about coverage gaps if something happens.

Our approach is unique, streamlined, and proven.

Proven Multifamily Insurance


We know how to work these deals.

Multifamily deals have lots of moving parts and stakeholders with different agendas.

We advocate for buyers during the lending process, consistently reducing costs.

Our unique process involves close, systematic coordination among all these disparate players to ensure nothing insurance-related slips through the cracks.

Coordinated Multifamily Insurance
Partners Multifamily Insurance

Consultative Partners

Relationships are our currency.

We value people and take pride in our core values of trust and integrity.

We have solid relationships with everyone in the multifamily space- including underwriters, claims adjusters, real estate brokers, loss control consultants and lender’s insurance consultants.

This means that we are armed with an unparalleled arsenal of options that we can leverage at any time to support the needs of our clients.

Uncompromising Service

We go above and beyond for our clients. We’ve done this so much that we can often anticipate your needs before you articulate them, and we are relentless in our pursuit of desired outcomes. We go the extra mile every time. We believe that’s the secret sauce behind our 99% client retention rate. Once you’ve experienced the Pathfinder way- you’ll never again settle for less.